P.O. Box 745            Ashtabula, Ohio 44005-0745            (440) 645-7496
The Ashtabula County Builders Association (Builders) was organized in 1964.

The Builders was instrumental in developing the County Building Code and works with county officials to update the Code and to prevent the adoption of items which would be detrimental to owners and to the building industry.

A company engaging in any phase of the building industry, such as, general and subcontractors, home builders, suppliers, utilities, and financial institutions are welcome to apply for membership to the Builders.

Builder and Associate Memberships are available. Applicants must meet high standards which include: maintaining fair and accurate financial integrity with both customers and vendors; adhering to quality design, construction, and material standards which meet or exceeds BOCA and governmental building and zoning codes; engaging in continuous improvement in learning new skills, techniques, technologies and programs to creatively and cost-effectively help our industrial, commercial and residential communities achieve quality work and living spaces.

Membership will be considered if the new applicant has an endorsement from a Builders member in good standing and the annual dues investment accompanies the application.

Dinner meetings, featuring interesting and pertinent speakers and programs, are conducted monthly and guests are welcome to attend.

​​Upcoming Member Meetings:

No meetings scheduled at this time due to COVID-19

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